The Essential Dance is an approach created by Silvia Wya Poty, which has been transmitted through courses, workshops and lectures for about 20 years.

The proposal of Essential Dance is the integration of body-mind-nature, through Dance, Psychology and Human Ecology. Its practice favors the awakening of a free and authentic expression, and of a lucid corporal conscience and integrated with the essential principles of life. 

Consciousness and body expression, bioenergetics, sensitization of the senses through indigenous ceremonial language, contemporary, tribal and therapeutic dance, manipulation of fire torches, drawings, paintings and projective writing, organic movement - are some of the techniques developed in its courses and workshops .




Activity that involves the manipulation of torches from the alignment of the body, the search for the fluidity of the articulations of the arms, the encounter with the natural balance of the body and its conscious direction for the exercise with the torches.

Dance with Fire is an interconnection of circus swinging technique with bioenergetics, contemporary dance and indigenous principles for sensory sensitization in the relationship with the element of Fire.



A dancing experience driven by delicious ballads from bands like Queen, Beatles, Cure, Clash, Pixies, Creedence, Tina Turner, Rolling Stones, Bowie and some Pop 80’s - in parallel with moments of introspection, silence, body awareness and deep relaxation.

Taking on both the mundane and grounded part of human existence (from the most pulsating and daring dance of Rock'n Roll), as well as the ethereal and transcendental part (with body awareness and meditation exercises): this is the dynamic balance that this workshop proposes.

Pogo (punk dance) is related to the movement of indigenous tribal dance and promotes psychosomatic reorganizations with freedom, expansion and awareness.

Exercising the pulse of polarities within us - yin / yang, female / male, moon / sun, inside / outside, introversion / extraversion - favors the full integration of who we are.

In the Guarani Nhandeva indigenous understanding, our body receives red, telluric energy, which comes from below, from the center of the Earth; and it also receives the blue, cosmic energy from above. At the meeting of these two energies in our body (red and blue), then, lilac, violet is manifested - understood as the healing color in many therapeutic lines. In this sense, to heal is to allow both earthly energy and cosmic energy to be flowing within us.

“To be big, be whole: nothing your exaggerates or excludes.” - Fernando Pessoa.


Expression in colors, shapes and gestures. Art that involves the body, the image and the inner alchemy.
Arte que envolve o corpo, a imagem e a alquimia interior.

Drawing and writing techniques of the Psychology of the Body and Artistic Painting that, added to the Essential Dance, favor the projection - in colors, shapes and words - of the psychic content, and its natural expression and transformation through free and essential dance.


  • Essential dance in open fields and around the campfire
  • Body painting with medicinal clays in rivers and waterfalls
  • Sensitization of the senses for the connection with the forces of nature through ceremonial experiences of indigenous language
  • Meditative walks
  • Silence, contemplation and verbal sharing
  • Rest, food and free time at the inn

  • Note: in addition to retreats for the general public, there are also specific Immersion retreats in Creative Process for artists 



Activities aimed at improving the organicity of body movement.

This organicity is beneficial both for artistic purposes and for improvements in the physical and mental health of participants interested in developing gestural organicity


Techniques (theory and practice) are presented that aim at the body-mind-nature connection and that are the basis for the exercise of Essential Dance.

Bioenergetics, somatic education, body psychology, dance, body awareness and expression, writing and projective drawings, indigenous language ceremonies, fire torch manipulation and dance of the 4 natural elements are some of the activities presented.

This training course promotes the improvement of professionals from different areas, as well as personal development.