Development of individual sessions carried out by prior appointment.


  • Psychotherapy / Clinical Psychology
  • Body therapies
  • Energy therapies
  • Integrative massage
  • Essential Dance




Clarifications on the bases of the therapeutic process, survey of the client's needs, awareness of their psychic, bodily and energetic aspects, and monitoring of their evolution and systemic developments throughout the sessions.




Unique technique of deep energetic healing developed by the Australian Christine Day. It involves the activation of energetic portals in the anterior and posterior parts of the body where, through a series of soft touches, high-level frequencies are introduced in the emotional and physical bodies, working within all cells and the entire nervous system, and activating new areas of the brain.

Frequências de Brilho é um trabalho de auto-lembrança, pois a ativação que ocorre, conforme o corpo é tocado, desperta a força vital num nível quântico. Quando isso acontece a pessoa começa a se expressar a partir da parte mais essencial de si mesma, trazendo a plenitude de seu ser à frente de sua vida. Realizar sua existência a partir desse condição energética permite um potencial ilimitado de transformação a nível emocional, mental, físico e espiritual.




Different approaches to the Psychology of the Body are used to provide the client with greater awareness of himself, and he can appropriate new resources to develop his existential issues.

Among these approaches are Biosynthesis, Biosystems, Biodynamics and Bioenergetics: therapeutic lines that focus on the integration between mind and body, the dynamic balance between “doing, feeling and thinking” (embryonic layers, endo and ectodermal), unblocking tensions, stress reduction, release of creative potential, among other benefits. 

When a person starts to get in touch with his emotional, physical, mental and energetic reality, and fully feel his sensations and the needs of his body, he then develops a healthy dialogue between the mind and the body, and becomes able to take care of herself and to expand her skills as a human being.

The activities used in the session, through writing and projective drawings, text indication, body and breathing exercises, exert great influence for the integral psychic development.




Subtle and / or deep touches in different regions of the body to release physical and emotional blocks, relax and activate the body's energy flows, promoting health, vitality and well-being.




Use of medicinal herbs during the session for cleaning and energetic alignment. The unobstruction and revitalization of subtle channels favors the individual's connection with himself, boosting his vital energy and generating harmony in his physical, mental and emotional bodies, and in his relationships.




Music, breathing, relaxation. Loose joints and spine alignment. Realize what the body asks for, and allow the movement that welcomes it. Sensitization of the senses and self-perception. Activation of cellular intelligence. Music that enters the body and becomes a gesture. Unique, authentic gesture that considers the natural rhythm, the limits of the body and the expansion of the mind.

Dance that expresses the symbolic universe of each one, and transforms it.


The Essential Dance can be performed in an individual session, or in a group.




Photos of the Wya Poty Center, in Curitiba / PR